MAPCO Cup Rankings
1999 Season

Updated July 10 after Santa Claus Half Marathon

Class Rankings Race Date Overall Rankings
After Chena River Run May 15, 1999 After Chena River Run
After Midnight Sun Run June 19, 1999 After Midnight Sun Run
After Santa Claus Half Marathon July 10, 1999 After Santa Claus Half Marathon
After MAPCO Mile July 21, 1999 After MAPCO Mile
After Gold Discovery Run July 26, 1999 After Gold Discovery Run
After GCI/PTA 5km August 14, 1999 After GCI/PTA 5km
After Equinox Marathon September 19, 1999 After Equinox Marathon


List of runners who have competed in all MAPCO Cup Events to Date (will be published after MAPCO Mile)

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