Flint Hills Cup Rankings
2012 Season

This page last updated on Thursday, April 12, 2012 07:20 PM

All Ranking Lists are retrievable in PDF format. 

Race/Date Overall Rankings Class Rankings Finished All Races
Chena River Run, May 5 Overall after One Race Class Rankings after One Race  
Midnight Sun Run, June 23 Overall after Two Races Class Rankings after Two Races Finished both
Flint Hills Mile, June 28 Overall after Three Races Class Rankings after Three Races Finished All Three
Run of the Valyries, July 14 Overall after Four Races Class Rankings after Four Races Finished All Four
Gold Discovery Run, July 22 Overall after Five Races Class Rankings after Five Races Finished All Five
Santa Claus Half-Marathon, August 4 Overall after Six Races Class Rankings after Six Races Finished All Six
Golden Heart Trail Run, August 25 Overall after Seven Races Class Rankings after Seven Races Finished All Seven
Equinox Marathon, September 15 Final Overall Final Class Rankings Finished Whole Series

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